IT Strategic Consultant (ID#4514)

Vancouver Island Time

We are seeking an IT Strategic Consultant to help our client establish a short and long-term roadmap to ensure that technology services support innovative business process improvements and that the effective and efficient delivery of services by the client are in alignment with the organization’s strategic values, drivers, and initiatives.

The Strategy is to be informed by a review of existing IT infrastructure and operations, human and financial resources, current technology conditions for all departments and best practices within the rapidly evolving technology and cybersecurity landscape. The Strategy will provide recommendations on network and software improvements, technology tools to improve service delivery, governance framework and human resources (including structure, roles, responsibilities, and skill sets) required to deliver IT services into the future.


Review and Assessment of IT Systems, Resources, and Needs:

  • Review the current technology environment and perform an in-depth needs analysis through interviews with IT leadership, EMT, and key department heads users/informants. The review and assessment will include, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Existing network infrastructure, technology systems, and software used.
    • High-level business needs of all departments.
    • Cybersecurity and overall system risks and business continuity vulnerabilities, including system failures (infrastructure and software).
    • Key operational processes and service standards.
    • Human resources, structure, positions, roles, and skill sets.
    • Current and projected technology needs and opportunities with specific consideration for enterprise architecture and integration.
    • Potential uses and opportunities of impending information systems such as Microsoft 365 and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence.
    • High-level analysis of capital and operating budget and expenditures to support and address recommendations of the proposed Strategy.
    • External scan of industry trends shaping information technology and public services.

Strategic Plan

  • Following the completion of the review and assessment, develop a comprehensive strategic plan in order to detail and address the findings and create a path forward. At a minimum, the strategic plan will address the following:
    • Provide a comprehensive picture of the  current technology posture and role within the organization. Such overall findings should be supported by a comparison to other similar-sized local environments.
    • Detailed report on the inventory and analysis of IT infrastructure and systems, including gaps, risks and security vulnerabilities.
    • Detailed recommendations and action plan for immediate, short- and long-term solutions and a timeline for recommended changes. For clarity, such solutions shall include the structure and staffing appropriate for carrying out the strategy in relation to the size and resources of the organization and its anticipated future growth.
    • Prioritize technology projects, including hardware and software replacement projects, with an estimate of implementation costs, including capital, operational and staff resources.
    • Proposed IT governance framework to coordinate the strategic, operational, and technical decision-making processes needed for technology investments and efforts. The framework shall include metrics for managing technology performance that will support continuous improvement and demonstrate value for investment into this service.
    • Proposed core service methodology and standards.
    • Identification of recommended policies.
    • Infrastructure and resource requirements to best meet the needs of remote work arrangements.
    • Infrastructure, systems, and resources to prevent and respond to increased cybersecurity threats.


  • 8+ years of experience as an IT Strategic Consultant.
  • Experienced in reviewing a current technology environment and performing an in-depth needs analysis.
  • Experienced in developing a comprehensive strategic plan.
  • Experience working in the public sector is preferred.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

If you have this expertise, and are able to work in Canada, please submit your resume. While we thank all candidates in advance for their application, only those candidates who are shortlisted will be contacted.


The hourly rate range for this position is $90 – $120, with the final rate based on consultant experience and fit for the role.

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