IT Project Implementation Success Stories

New Value Solutions, for a retirement home, developed a very sophisticated application that had to be easy to use, be absolutely reliable as lives depended on the solution and had to interact with other systems to unify communications. Before being selected as the successful proponent, two other vendors had failed to deliver the neccessary and required solution. New Value Solutions met this challenge successfully. We quickly assembled the correct team of experts, understood the business requirements, and implemented the solution effectively and efficiently. To date, this application has never encountered a production flaw requiring any maintenance.
For an international resource firm, New Value Solutions implemented numerous business-to-business transactions. They involved complex document forms (XML, EDI, etc.) representing commercial documents used by businesses and financial institutions. Significantly less labour was spent on handling each document since it was digitized and processed through the corporate workflow, electronically. The result was streamlined operations reducing costs and improved accuracy of information.
New Value Solutions provided analysis of a major commercial organization's Business Intelligence needs and developed a BI roadmap. Subsequently, New Value Solutions executed on the roadmap, including the schedule and scope of features and functions.