Protect your digital landscape, business process, and people

Today, a proper cybersecurity strategy is essential in preventing costly disasters. New Value Solutions has been helping companies improve their security postures for years. As trusted advisors and subject matter experts, we have helped companies of all sizes secure their ecosystems against cybercrime.
Our IT professionals are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to proactively identify and remediate discovered vulnerabilities in your system. With our expertise and outstanding service track record, we go through all the steps to ensure that your online safety is dependable.

Authentication and Access Control

Protection of Personally Identifiable Information

Security monitoring (SEIM)

Authentication and Access Control

Our experts implement controls for authentications and access such as multi-factor authentication, network user access, role-based application access control and more.

Protection of Personally Identifiable Information

Our experts help manage and protect your Personally Identifiable Information. We use the ISO 27001 standard as a baseline to identify how you can safeguard your data from unauthorized access and protect the integrity of your secured information. 

Security monitoring (SEIM)

Our security and cloud administrators monitor your systems to continually improve your security postutes. We use SEIM tools to create a greater awareness of your IT environment by identifying, monitoring, recording, and analyzing security events.

Penetration Testing

Also known as ethical hacking, our experts proactively identify security weaknesses in your IT ecosystems. Our penetration testing focuses on the software applications, IT environment and employee habits and procedures. You will receive a full report with all weaknesses identified for remediation.

API Management

With the cloud and system integration available between applications within and outside of your organization, the management, governance, access, and engineering of APIs has never been more critical. Our experts, who themselves, have developed numerous API layers, can advise, review, engineer, and implement a secure API layer.

Managed Firewall

By managing your firewalls, our experts will mitigate threats targeting your business by administering, operating, monitoring, and maintaining your firewall infrastructures.

Data in Motion

We implement a distributed web security fabric based on block chains. It is a secure double-blind peer-to-peer solution that leverages advancements in distributed ledger systems (DLT), non-centralized transaction validation in a peer-to-peer world and distributed data management. Your organization will never have been more secure with our implementation of this solution.

Data at Rest

Ability to shard, duplicate and send your data to multiple data centers in the network and reassemble. This security approach will even protect your data against quantum computing attacks.


Other Solutions

Cloud services

Our integrated approach will help you manage your Cloud infrastructure successfully so that you can have the peace of mind that your data is secure.

Business Continuity Planning

Our Business Continuity Planning consultants establish how your business can stay afloat in the event of a disruption.


Our Virtualization consultants focus on VMware and Hyper-V to increase the value of purchased hardware by enhancing resource utilization.


Need help with security, risk management, or compliance?


Need help with security, risk management, or compliance?